Mission Statement

Westminster Schools teach all children to become competent, caring citizens in a changing world through a challenging curriculum and supportive environment.
Mission Statement adopted February 6, 2003
Belief Statements
The following statements lead to clarity of vision and mark our path on the way to being successful in our mission: connecting our practice with our vision of teaching/learning in Westminster.  Therefore, we believe in the following:
  • Keeping student learning at the heart
    of all we do.
  • Supporting the efforts of all members of our community to be life-long learners.
  • Treating each other with thoughtfulness and respect.
  • Developing deep understandings, making connections, seeking knowledge of content, and practicing necessary skills will enable students to be self-directed in life.
  • Holding high academic expectations for every one of our students.
  • Considering the needs of individual students and their learning styles as essential when designing educational experiences.  
  • Providing a safe learning environment to support the personal, intellectual, emotional and social development of all children and adults.  
  • Promoting social and emotional health to develop resilient, self-directed learners who can participate fully in their community.
  • Connecting learning to the local community and life experiences.  
  • Celebrating the diversity of the global community.
  • Cultivating democratic practices and global citizenship.
Board approved -January 2010