Your child must attend morning classes in order to participate in winter sports.

All children will ride the bus to Edgar Mae. A child planning on leaving Edgar Mae with a parent needs a note sent to school the morning of.

Students will eat lunch on the bus.

All students will return to school in time for a 3:05 dismissal. West West Students will dismiss from the Center School.

My Swim Checklist:

_____my swimsuit. (may be worn to school under clothes- remember to bring underclothes to wear when you change out of your suit. You may change into your suit at Edgar Mae.

_____1 – 2 towels (2 towels if you plan to get in and out of the water frequently to dry off and/or shower before dismissing to school.

_____A plastic bag to store wet belongings

_____A backpack or bag to hold all belongings. (suit, towels, clothes, etc.)

_____A warm coat and hat to wear to and from the bus.

_____Label all clothing and towels with a permanent marker.