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Thanksgiving Feast

Westminster Schools Thanksgiving Feast

Please join us for our annual Thanksgiving Feast at 11:30 on November 23rd.  This feast is made possible by the many school staff, volunteers and community members who plan, prep, cook and serve. This wonderful feast will take place at the Center School. Families are welcome to join their children at 11:30 by meeting them in the gymnasium which will be transformed into a dining hall for the event.

Each class or grade level is responsible for the following.  

 K – 1st grades: bag of stuffing (uncooked)

2nd Mrs. B-T: pickles or olives

3rd Dena and Mrs. Perry: pickles or olives

2/3 multiage -Mrs. Miller: Cider

4th grades: desserts (no nuts please)

5th and 6th grade: desserts (no nuts please)

We will be meeting at the Center School on Sunday, Nov 22nd at 2pm to set up    tables, peel potatoes, cut squash and prepare stuffing etc.  Please come lend a hand!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Any questions you may contact Emily Lisai at elisai@live.com or 463-1363 or Andrea Carlson at andreacarlson1@gmail.com .

Please send in your donation by Friday, Nov. 20th.  Desserts can arrive on Monday morning.

 Hope to see you there!


Thursday edition of Friday Notes

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Friday Notes

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Community Feast- November 23rd


Community Feast

Save the date: Monday, November 23rd will be the all school Community Feast at 11:30 AM in the Center School Gym.

Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe at BFUHS

The Windham Northeast Supervisory Union and its member Boards will be hosting a presentation by Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe at the Bellows Falls Union High School on Wednesday, November 4, at 5:30 PM.  Secretary Holcombe was invited to address Act 46 as well as the reasons for Act 46. This is also an opportunity to ask questions related to other legislative and VT State Board of Education initiatives. The public is encouraged to attend in order to learn more about the potentially significant changes in school governance that are encouraged through the Act 46 school consolidation law.



Child care will be available for parents with younger children who wish to attend the presentation. Please call the WNESU office at 463-9958 in order to RSVP for child care.

October 2nd Friday Notes

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SES Letter and Providers

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Westminster School Board Community Education Support Committee

The purpose of the Community Education Support Committee (CESC) is to provide expertise and resources to support and inform the decision-making of the Westminster School Board (WSB). The focus of the committee will be to engage in discussion and research on a broad spectrum of educational issues of critical importance to the Westminster community in the effort to make our school a stronger and safer learning and social environment for our children. The committee will assemble information, research and resources related to important educational issues and then make informed recommendations about programs or policies to the WSB for their consideration.

The committee is also designed to facilitate community volunteer activities that support the schools – its students, teachers, administration and Parent-Teacher Organizations.

The committee will serve as an open forum for parents, teachers and community members to explore and discuss innovative, effective and affordable educational approaches, address areas of concern and pose possible solutions.

Suggested topics for discussion or areas of research for the committee, include, and are not limited to:

  • How parents and the community can support teachers in their work.
  • Ways of adding language and additional science and nature-based programs into the curriculum without adding great costs to the school budget.
  • How other small schools in the region have been able to move successfully forward after being designated as “failing.”
  • Opportunities to employ multi-age teaching and learning to reduce costs, enhance teacher morale, and increase student academic achievement, emotional well-being and social skills.
  • How to initiate a program that would allow community members to share their knowledge, skills and talents with Westminster students.

Contact school board member Elise Manning if you are interested in serving on this committee.

June 4 Community Forum Notes

The Education Landscape

June 4, 2015 Meeting Notes

I.              Introduction:

Ian: Introduced context and purpose of meeting. Harry: Presented strategy for proceeding.

  • Harry: Common Core is not a curriculum it is a set of standards that represent what a student should know to be successful.
  • English/Language Arts for example is no longer providence of English teacher alone. The focus of Common Core is on performance standards of the student not specific techniques of teaching of X amount of time teaching a subject.
  • Students learn and achieve in different ways.
  • Missy Wilkins: Discussed proficiency based graduation requirements and personal learning plans.
  • Steve Tullar: Distributed documents.

II.            Common Core:

Member of Public Comments and Questions:

  • How do we balance goals and standards?
  • Students cannot graduate with D’s @ BFUHS
  • Some kids don’t have academic goals as part of their “culture”
  • How does legislation/governance play into CC/PLP’s?
  • Tenor is essential to education as is upbringing.
  • How do we get to the root of our goals as a community?
  • Common core is not a curriculum issue. What we need to do is invest in schools and promote economic justice.
  • Core competencies rest on development. As a young person one needs hard-wired skills in order to achieve competency.
  • Are there examples of schools that have failed with PLP’s.
  • Are we trying too hard? Testing too much?
  • Are we failing to see how previous standards and strategies have succeeded and failed because we have tried so many things?
  • The needs of students exceed the capacity of teachers and students.
  • The number of children with Learning Disabilities and Individual Education Plans is steadily increasing.
  • Schools are being asked to handle external realities and aspects of (students’) lives that they have not in the past.
  • Personal/Social competency is a crucial aspect of a child’s education.
  • The board collectively responded to comments.
  • No one school can serve all kids. Looking at multiple models is important. Flexible pathways and individualized learning is important but needs to be demonstrated.

III.         Generating Ideas

  • Do we want our teachers and social workers using paperwork to make determinations?
  • A social worker responded by expressing the opinion that ILP’s are a useful tool.
  • ILP’s deliver flexibility as to how to educate children.
  • Teachers should have the freedom and flexibility to do what they feel is best in serving students.
  • A “plug” for outdoor education was given.

IV.          H.361

Harry: Discussed inequalities present in the scope of the educational system and showed that H.361 is an attempt to rectify said inequality. Mr. Frank discussed strategies of the bill and elements of approach.

Members of the public:

  • What is the thinking, that local school boards are the source of a problem
  • Curriculum coordination?