6th Grade Success Night

Come say goodbye to our sixth graders as they move on to seventh grade.  Join us for pictures, stories and words of encouragement from 5:30 – 7:00 on June 14th.

Apologies that this event was omitted from our Friday Notes.

The Last Friday Notes – for this year.

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Westminster Town Meeting

Lunch Donations

Westminster Town Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 4th, at the BFUHS auditorium.  Please come to voice your opinion and vote regarding school budget, and other town articles.  

Each year, TEAM provides lunch at Town Meeting.  All profits from this lunch go toward your child’s field trips and other student activities.  We will be serving hot dogs and chili along with drinks and other snacks.   Please help make this possible by donating towards this.  

In order to get correct amounts of items please use the following grade suggestions.  However, feel free to contact us if you would like to donate something different.

  • Kindergarten and 1st grades: snacks – small bags of chips, pretzels, chex mix or granola bars.
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grades: hot dogs and buns and PB&J sandwiches
  • 5th and 6th Grades: drinks – bottled water, canned soda, juice boxes           

~Sixth grade students are encouraged to attend the meeting and then help serve.~

  • ANYONE: Chili –   Vegetarian or Meat, please label.  Crock pots work the best for this.   Please email vtkatie.a@gmail.com if you’re able to make chili.


All donations can be sent in ASAP except for the chili (buns and hot dogs will be put in the freezer).  Those donating chili should bring it to the BFUHS cafeteria by 10am on Saturday morning.  Please label your crockpot or be in attendance to pick it up.

Questions?  Please contact Katie Bricker 802-376-9335


A volunteer sign up sheet with time blocks for the day has been put at the Center School (West families can check in with Lauren McDowell regarding this if you can’t get to the sheet).  We need people to set up, serve and clean up.  Also, volunteers are needed the day before to get last minute items. THANK YOU!


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First Friday Notes!!

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Notice to Voters

Athens, Grafton, Rockingham and Westminster Town School Districts

            In accordance with the Report and Articles of Agreement prepared by the Athens, Grafton, Rockingham and Westminster Act 46 Study Committee, an election will be held on March 7, 2017 to elect an initial board of school directors for the Windham Northeast Unified School District, if its formation is approved by the voters.  The following directors will be elected from the identified school districts:

                                    Athens:          1  Director for a one year term expiring in March of 2019

                                    Grafton:         1  Director for a two year term expiring in March of 2020

                                    Rockingham:            5 Directors

2 for one year terms expiring in March of 2019

1 for a two year term expiring in March of 2020

2 for three year terms expiring in March of 2021

                                    Westminster:            3 Directors

1 for a one year term expiring in March of 2019

1 for a two year term expiring in March of 2020

1 for a three year term expiring in March of 2021

            If you are interested in running for one of these director positions, you must file a nomination petition signed by at least one percent of the legal voters in your town with your town clerk on or before 5:00 PM on January 30, 2017.  Petitions may be obtained from your town clerk.  If you have any questions, please contact, your town clerk or Superintendent of Schools, Christopher Kibbe, at (802)-463-9958.