Scholastic Book Fair Oct. 3-5

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming!  Ms. Petroski has made arrangements for the Scholastic Book Fair to be at Saxtons River School on October 3, 4, and 5.  It will be open for families from 5-6:30 on Wednesday, Oct. 3 to coincide with our Title 1 Reading Night for Family Engagement.  Ms. Petroski will be manning the book fair from 3 PM on Wednesday and will remain until 6:30

No purchases will be made on Thursday although it is a good time to browse.  Purchases can be made on Friday.  The book fair will be packed up after school to be ready for pick-up.  Thank you for supporting this project.  Ms. Petroski is able to buy more books for our library based on purchases.

Visit the Book Fair Website