Welcome Back to School!

The 2016-2017 school year is starting off with a bang! The K-3 wing has embarked on a learning experience called an Outdoor Classroom. One day per week, the students and teachers spend a half to three quarters of the school day completely outside. This experience provides a means for educators to cross cut the Common Core States Standards (CCSS) with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), in a completely experiential methodology. To see an example of the work that they have been doing, please check out the personal classroom blogs of Kerry Aube, Kellie Gouin and Amanda Penge.

We are also welcoming new staff members: Rebecca Hall will be our music and instrument teacher. Jeannette Mills returns to us to be a paraprofessional in kindergarten. And Kirsten Larson will be with us full time (last year we shared her) as an academic interventionist. We are thrilled to have them be part of crew on School Street.

This year also means a new adventure for a group of students in 4th grade. A group of accelerated math students have been working with Mrs. Kraiger (academic intervention teacher) to study economics.  As a result, they developed plans for a school store. It opened on Open House night and is open everyday before school. They have school supplies and snacks, all for reasonable prices.

Some of you have been able to experience our morning meetings, where as a school we share the day’s news, celebrate the good things and get pumped for the day.  Recently, we have been talking about what does it mean to work hard?  What do our bodies look like when we work hard? How do our bodies feel when we are working hard? What kinds of things do we need to do when the going gets tough?  Having the students give real life examples from their own experiences have proven to be a really powerful way for the others to learn. Additionally, I have been telling stories, sharing quotes or repeating song lyrics that I find inspirational and deconstruct their meaning with the students.

Thank you all for your continued support of the learning going on at GES!

Cela Dorr

Principal, Athens-Grafton Joint Contract School
PO Box 226
58 School Street
Grafton VT 05146