2019-20 GES Bus Routes


W6 Renee

Bus 6 will leave CIC at 7am go to Brookline Road in Athens to the beaver pond and go up Valley Cemetary Road back to lower Athens road picking up students along the way. Then the bus will head to Eastman Road, Townshend Road, and arriving at Grafton Elementary School by 7:45.


W6 Renee

Bus W6 will start at the Grafton School at 3:00, go down Route 121 to Cambridgeport and then to the lower road in Athens dropping off students along the way. The bus will then go back to Grafton Elementary for the late run at 4:15.

W2 Stanley

This bus will arrive at Grafton Elementary around 3:20, go down Townshend Road and then continue onto Eastman Road and Upper Athens Road.