Community Night – Monday, 11/13, 4:00 – 5:00

Our little community is brimming with organizations and individuals with expertise and passion for a wide range of topics, and GES would like to take advantage of you!  Unfortunately, the teachers don’t know you or what you have to offer.   Do you have a potential field trip destination?   An unusual pond?  Historic building?  Geologic feature?  Farm animals?  Business?  Do you know a bit of Grafton’s history and maybe how it connects to national events of the time?  We’re going to be doing a school wide unit on the Olympics.  Were you an athlete that competed at a high level?  What’s your passion? Would you be willing to be a visiting “expert” and share it with our students?  We’re planning an informal community night for the teachers to meet and get to know you a little, to share, and to brainstorm ideas of how we might work together.  The teachers will be prepared with some general grade level expectations for the various subjects they teach.   Please contact Mary Beth Culver at the school, 843-2495, if you have any questions.  Hope to see you there!